Kimber 84M Montana 22"

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Kaliber .308Win, Rep.Büchse 84M Montana Satin Stainless Steel 4+1 Patronen, Lauflänge 22"/56cm... mehr

Produktinformationen 84M Montana 22"

Kaliber .308Win, Rep.Büchse 84M Montana Satin Stainless Steel 4+1 Patronen, Lauflänge 22"/56cm mit Mündungsgewinde 7/16x28 TPI, Gesamtlänge 41,25"/105cm, Reinforced Carbon Fiber Schaft mit Rückstoßkappe, Mountain Serie, Kimber USA.
Kaliber: .308Win
Waffenart: Repetierbüchse
Waffenhersteller: Kimber
Fabrikat: 84M Montana 22"
Modell: Mountain Series
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Been shooting this rifle for about 18 months now..shot +1000 rounds from 100 up to 400 of my most accurate rifles with the right bullet choise. ..and its competing against new Mausers...I grew into this lightweight rifle and really have become tot like it as one of my favorites...all other rifles are far to heavy now.. it carry's superb and fitted with a smal, light 1.5x10-42 Leica Magnus its perfect for stalking (roe)deer or mountain hunting....waffen Ferkinhoff provided me with some Talley mounts...installation was a peace of cake ...worth mentioning here is the professionalisme and nowhow of WF, for helping me get the rifle into Belgium.
In .308 recoil is surprisingley mild for such a light more then my other hunting rifles
Only gets hot fast due to its pensil for accurate shooting at the range you will need to let the barrel cool down in between shots...second downside. I want another one!!! ..243..270 or 257 roberts .. perfect

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