EU Firearms Directive in the INCOM Committee of the European Parliament

The commentator Vicky Ford stated right at the beginning that the Commission's proposals were badly written and without assessing the impact of any potential results on the State and citizens of the European Union. The criticism of the rightfully concerned citizens had arrived in parliament and should now no longer be repeated, but proposals for improvement should now be submitted. On the basis of the work paper worked out by her, she rejected the ban on semi-automatic weapons in its present form in particular, and announced an expert hearing in committee. She also notes confidently that she no longer sees the firearms directive to be the responsibility of the Commission, but in the hands of the parliament.

The following contributions from 22 parliamentarians once again showed the great interest in the topic. The majority welcomed Fords proposals and shared the sceptical attitude towards the Commission's proposals. However, it was also noticeable that there were supports to be found within the social democrats, in particular regarding the medical tests and the time limit of permissions.

The sharpest rejection came again from the camp of the Conservatives, Liberals and Independents. The European People’s Party (in which the CDU and CSU are members) also expressed strong criticism, however, it could have been presented more distinctly, especially with the German representatives.

Vicky Ford had the concluding words. She argued that she did not consider a complete rejection of the Commission proposal to be appropriate because there is indeed a need for action with deactivated and converted weapons.

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