German party "Freie Wähler" against stricter weapon legislations

Munich. The FREIEWÄHLER parliamentary group argues against a tightening of weapons legislation in Germany. The EU Commission had announced, among other things, to tighten up the rules on the purchase and possession of weapons. Accordingly, private individuals are no longer allowed to own certain semi-automatic guns.

Hubert Aiwanger, chairman of the FREIEWÄHLER Landtagsfraktion, rejected a reform of the existing laws: "German arms legislation is already very strict and it would not be appropriate or effective to further restrict legal weapon owners such as sportsmen, hunters and gun collectors. Semi-automatic rifles are indispensable for hunters and sportsmen."

The legal gun owners in Germany are engaged in a great deal of union and youth work, which leads to the responsible use of weapons and to positive social participation. "This state-controlled handling of weapons must be further strengthened and not to be put under general suspicion with a further tightening of the law. For the overwhelming mass of those concerned, who always handle weapons in a responsible way, this is only demotivating, "explains Aiwanger. In an urgent petition, FREIE WÄHLER therefore call upon the Bavarian government to work to ensure that the reform of the EU Firearms Directive does not lead to any tightening up of legal weapon ownership in Germany.

Excerpts from the plenary speech Hubert Aiwangers (FREIE WÄHLER) from 02.12.2015 on the right to arms:

I think it is important that we keep a cool head in times of excitement.

I now expect that we will stand besides our shooting clubs, our huntsmen, our reservists, our gun collectors and customary shooters. These are honourable people. They are subjected to rigorous tests, are checked regularly whether they are still reliable. These associations and clubs make a great contribution to society and youth work. In the shooting clubs, young people are taught to concentrate and take on responsibility within the group. The fun fairs, the shooters' parades - who would want to miss this? These are, however, those associations which are in the crossfire of a general attack today. The EU Firearms Directive is clearly an attack on this group of people. We are already glad today when we still have honorary and professional leaders who work with the young people in these clubs. That is why we believe that we must defend legal weapon possession against excessive attacks. Hunters and sportsmen in particular must be exempted from the tightening.

We must stand beside them and call on them to do even more union work. The members of the Union, which train the young people, are on the ground of the basic law and are committed to society. These associations are not going to be the ones causing mass shootings of tomorrow. For this reason too, the excessive regulations of the EU Firearms Guideline must be rejected and repelled. What is completely against the grain is the statement about the semi-automatic weapons. Today, semi-automatic weapons are the most common weapons in wild boar hunting. The trigger is pulled through, then a shot is fired and this three times in succession. Then the magazine is empty - done!

Especially the social democrats (SPD), which in the past has campaigned massively for the introduction of night vision, now wants to take away the weapons, which are urgently necessary in the wild boar hunt. If you are today interviewing employees of the Federal Criminal Police Office on the topic of night vision, they will clasp their hands over their heads and say that they can no longer be advocated against the background of the present threat situation. Even then, the Federal Criminal Police Office (BKA) rejected this technology. If the weapons are to be taken from the huntsmen, which are urgently necessary in practice, then this is the wrong approach.

Leave these guns to the hunters!

Leave similar weapons to the sport shooters!

Both groups need it for their practice. Please leave the ordinary weapon owners, who own their weapons legally, in peace. Still their fears that they will be subjected t. Let them continue to do their work and / or their hobby! We owe this as a high house to these associations.

Our concern is to support the legal weapon owners.

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