How To Shoot The Desert Eagle

All Desert Eagle pistols are gas-operated, semi-automatic pistols shooting standard .357 Magnum, .44 Rem Magnum and .50AE ammunition. The gas operation does significantly reduce felt recoil, but proper shooting technique is recommended for maximum shooting performance with the Desert Eagle. Proper technique is especially important when you’re shooting the .50AE, which puts out more than 60% more energy than the .44 Magnum.

Grip & Stance

Use a modified Weaver stance with your left foot forward for stability. The grip is two-handed, with the trigger hand “pushing” and the off hand “pulling” to create a stable platform.

Maintain your push-pull grip throughout the firing sequence, absorbing recoil in your shoulders, NOT your wrists.

See photo for the way your grip and stance SHOULD look at the end of the firing sequence.

Attention, big-bore revolver shooters

Do not let your Desert Eagle pistol “roll back” with recoil! This can throw off the timing of the slide action and can cause jamming of the cartridge.

Correct Grip Technique

Don’t limp-wrist! Maintain that push-pull grip to create a firm, stable-shooting platform. Do not push up the bottom of the magazine. The Desert Eagle pistol magazines are “free-floating” and pushing up can cause the subsequent round to jam.

Trigger Technique

All Mark VII/XIX Desert Eagle triggers are two-stage adjustable triggers. The adjustment is for the amount of travel before the trigger pressure disengages the sear and releases the hammer. Be sure the firearm is pointed in a safe direction. Pull the trigger gently through the “travel-zone” until it reaches a zone of increased pressure, and then continue through sear disengagement and the firing sequence.

Correct Weaver-Stance


Shooting the Desert Eagle the right way:

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