Steel Challenge discipline

What is actually behind the discipline Steel Challenge of the Association of German sports shooters (BDS)?

The Steel Challenge is a relatively new discipline. It combines accuracy with speed since only successful hits on the steel plates are evaluated and the time required for them. There are 8 different target events, but they always have the same structure for internationally recognized tournaments. These are as follows:

 A target set consists of 5 steel plates. One of them is designated as a stop plate and also marked differently. All 4 goals should be approached in any order and then the stop plate should be hit. The shooter may require a maximum of 30sec per run, including penalty time, with individual faults or omissions adding 3 or 30 seconds of penalty time. The fastest 4 will be scored for 5 passes, except for the "Outer Limits" target event in which the best 3 out of 4 are scored.

The main attraction of this discipline is the speed and the immediate feedback - thanks to the steel targets - whether or not it was hit. A large number of competition classes allow it to compete with almost every handgun. A sight which allows a fast target acquisition like our Trijicon RMR reflex systems and a smart target selection sometimes provides the decisive advantage.

For a more detailed description of the rules, sequences, and regulations, see the attached PDF here.

The German championships of the Steel Challenge discipline will take place on the stands of the BDS in Phillipsburg from 29.05.2015 to 31.05.2015.

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