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Our section Shop Service is your central contact point for all your questions. No matter if general and frequent asked questions or for detailed topics about our shipping or payment methods. Are you not satisfied with one of our products? Under "Right of Revocation" you will find all information. The same applies of course for our imprint, terms and conditions and data protection. You would like to inform yourself and take a look in our retail store. The option "Visit us" shows you the way!


Under the main point guidebook we offer you everything around your hobby. In Reviews we collect for you relevant tests and interesting facts from popular specific journals. You want to know even more from a manufacturer? We carry the current product catalogs from many manufacturers. You can browse and download them in this section. On the Ferkinghoff blog, we go to the latest questions and answers about shooting and its circumstances.

All assortments (starting page)

On the homepage of you will find the complete assortment of our online shop. A wide selection of Hunting, Western, Sport Shooting, Outdoor, recreational weapons and self-defense. In order to ensure that you do not have to search for a long time, you will find all product ranges on top bar: long guns, handguns,used guns, ammunition, weapon parts, optics, shooting accessories, tools & accessories, weapon cleaning, reloading and SALE. You can go back to the starting page at any time via the "Home" tab with the "house symbol" in the upper left corner.

Long Guns

In the long gun section of the online shop of Ferkinghoff International, hunters and sportsmen can buy high-quality weapons. For example, rifles, shotguns, repeaters, and levers. We carry a wide range of weapons from Taurus, Magnum Research, Kimber, Rossi, Haenel, Pietta, Remington, Ruger, Savage and many other quality brands.


In the handguns section of the online shop of Waffen International, sportshooters, hunters, security personnel and collectors find high-quality and well-known weapons and can buy them. Manufacturers such as Glock, Kahr Arms, Magnum Research, Kimber and Smith & Wesson, as well as other quality brands are waiting for you.

Used Guns

In the second-hand shop, hunters, sportsmen and gun collectors can buy high-quality collectors' weapons and ordnance weapons, or order them comfortably on account. Are you looking for historical weapons? At Ferkinghoff International you will find a wide assortment of collectors and ordnance weapons, firearms and armament accessories. All ordnance weapons are checked by us and adapted to your needs. We wish you a lot of fun!


In the ammunition shop, hunters and sportsmen can buy ammunition or order them comfortably on account. Are you looking for ammunition? At Ferkinghoff International you will find a wide range of ammunition for almost every caliber and manufacturer.

Weapon parts

Even with the most powerful pistol and the most expensive rifle, certain wear parts break into the cracks. A long search for a spare parts especially for older or exotic weapons begins. At Ferkinghoff International you will receive original or replacement parts for a variety of different weapons.

Sights and Scopes

Here, hunters can find high-quality hunting scopes and hunting accessories for the most diverse types of hunting and the toughest weather conditions. This includes binoculars and spotting scopes from Minox and Sun Optics. For sports guns, we have precise optics in the assortment, so that you can defend your trophy. Are you looking for sights? Suitable sights, from fiber optics to red point sights, self-luminous rear sight and grain or simply spare parts for your accustomed visions or the well-known and popular ACOG is available at Ferkinghoff International. The section includes mountings and brackets for all platforms.

Shooting accessories

In the category Shooting Accessories you will find a wide selection of different discs, holsters & belts, ammo pouches, hearing protectors & shooting glasses, to everything around the subject of storage, including soft cases, hard cases and weapon stands.

Tools and accessories

You can find a wide range of products from the calipers over trigger weights up to shooting jacks in the webshop of Ferkinghoff International.

Weapon cleaning

Here, hunters and sportsmen can find suitable accessories to clean and care for their weapon. Please do not hesitate to contact us if you have any questions about our gun care products.


Because the prices for the most diverse calibers vary widely it is worth starting this investment from a certain number of re-loaded cartridges. Under the category Reload, you will find everything you need for reloading at Ferkinghoff International.


In this category you can see the recently arrived products in our online shop. Whether you're looking for new long or handgun, a range of shooting accessories or gun care products, the new category gives you a quick overview of brand-new items.


Here you will find remaining stock and other popular but discounted items. In this category you will only see the discounted articles of a category. In any case, visit the category in the actual online shop to not miss any product variation.

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