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Ruger is one of the leading manufacturers of caliber .22lr rifles and upwards. Sturm, Ruger & Company was founded in 1949 by William B. Ruger and Alexander McCormick Storm in Southport, Connecticut. After the skillful William Ruger had received from a Japanese semi-automatic pistol and this could duplicate successfully matured in him the decision to develop their own pistol. This first pistol should be based on the style of the well-known German 9mm Luger and the Colt Woodsman and executed in the caliber .22, which is so widely used today. This became the Ruger Standard in caliber .22lfb. You will have already guessed by the caliber that this weapon and the caliber convinced and could prevail to this day. Even Ruger was at that time probably so surprised by the success that he decided to found his own company. Now known by the famous 10/22, which serves as a platform for many sports guns, and the Ruger Target rifles . This series of semi-automatic small caliber rifles is popular for its low price and good production quality. The easy availability and large number of accessories made the Ruger rifles and pistols so popular with sports shooters and hunters. These pistols are characterized by very low recoil and a good position in the hand. From which the successor Ruger MKI-IV developed, whereby at the basic mechanics little was changed. Today, Ruger manufactures weapons for Rimfire as well as Centerfire cartridges. With variants for civilian, sporting, hunting and official use. In the Waffen-Ferkinghoff online shop you will receive magazines for all Ruger 10/22 -based weapon platforms as well as sights and magazines for the Ruger Mini 14 . The Mini 14 shines with its easy handling, pleasant guidance and considerable precision, no matter if on the shooting range or the hunting.

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Pachmayr Grip Gripper Ruger Six Models

43.95€ *

HIVIZ Front Sight Fiber Magnetic M300

29.95€ *
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Sun Optics USA Scope Mount Ruger M77

52.95€ *
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HIVIZ Front Sight Fiber Ruger Pistol

39.95€ *
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Sun Optics USA Mount Rail Black Ruger MKIII+IV

24.50€ *

Sun Optics USA Front Sight Tool AR

14.95€ *

Marble Arms Folding Sight Flat Top Classic

29.95€ *
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Sun Optics USA Mount Rail ST-F Ruger MKIII+IV

27.50€ *
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Marble Arms Sight Folding Flat Top Classic ADJ

29.95€ *
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Millett Sight Adjustment Tool

11.90€ *

Timney Trigger Straight Solid 3lbs AR15

279.95€ *
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Wolff Gunsprings Hammer Spring 17lbs Ruger

11.80€ *
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Triple K Rifle Sling 1.25" Military

39.95€ *
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