Conditions of delivery

We ship for you daily at 16:30.

Shipping is handled by DHL and/or DPD or registered expediter. See our conditions here (PDF).

With the shipment of weapons there is an additional charge for personal delivery and confirmation of receipt. Please understand that we can only provide you with exact shipping cost data once we have received your particular order. Our general conditions of sale apply. We also deliver items to customers in member countries of the EU and beyond EU borders. Delivery follows payment (we send a pro forma invoice and when confirmation of payment is received, we forward the goods).

Please make sure that your name and address have been correctly stated and that these correspond with the data of your ID card and the name on your door plate.
In case of wrong data, please notify our customer service immediately under the Tel.Nr. +49 9384 88212-00.
If your shipment can not be delivered due to wrong data, we have to charge you a refund of 10,00 Euro. We ask for your understanding.

The wire transfer is to be without cost to the recipient. Please inform yourself as to the applicable Customs and Excise regulations for your country. The ordering of weapons and weapon regulated parts is subject to official notification and requieres a copy of your identification and a copy of your license to possess a weapon together with the order form.

For delivery in the EU, it is necessary to include a completely filled in EU importation document, approved / stamped by the authorized agent of your police authority.

Here you can find the bankdata for wire transfer

Raiffeisenbank Estenfeld-Bergtheim eG
IBAN: DE 81 7906 306 0000 0142 115
UST-ID Nr. according to § 27 a Umsatzsteuergesetz: DE 134 074 834

If there are further questions please do not hesitate to contact us via eMail or phone. Thank you.

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