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Kimber Rimfire Super 5" Duotone

1,427.00€ * 1,327.00€ *

Kahr Arms CT9 Duotone 4" Value

629.00€ * 529.00€ *

Kahr Arms PM40 LCI 3" Premium

999.00€ * 899.00€ *

Kahr Arms PM40 Duotone 3" Premium

979.00€ * 879.00€ *

Kahr Arms PM40 Black 3" Premium

999.00€ * 899.00€ *
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The handgun looks back on a long and successful history of development. Since the invention of handguns in the 14th century, a lot has happened. Today we distinguish between pistols and revolvers . Self-loading pistols offer advantages over turrets of better handling and greater ammunition capacity. Pistols can be distinguished in single-loader pistols and multi-load guns. Single loaders are, for example, the well-known Derringer pocket pistols. Match pistols for precision shooting. Multi-load pistols are subdivided into row fire, repeater and self-loading pistols. Self-loading pistols have become established in the military, police, sport shooters and hunters because of their practical handling and safety. In the case of pocket pistols, the closure is usually an unlocked ground closure; for heavy loads, the barrel and closure must be firmly locked. The Nachladevorgang can also be driven by discharged gas, such as pistols working as gas pressure boosters - like the Desert Eagle - are rare. Like the 1911 Kimber and Magnum Research, this is one of the most famous pistols of all time. We are proud to be able to offer you both of them in their own custom equipment in the Custom Shop . In the Waffen Ferkinghoff online shop, you can buy just the right pistol or several pistols from a wide range, from Magnum pistols in Hollywood caliber .357 Magnum to workhorses like .22lr to true giants .50 Action Express . Of course, we also carry the caliber 9mm Luger and 10mm car, which are widely used by hunters and sport shooters, and we stock this and many more ammunition. We are pleased to be able to support the Association of German Sport sport shooters in the German Meiserschaften and to enable the participants on site with material and advice maximum performance. You can find the equipment for exciting long guns , handguns and shotgun disciplines in our shop. When hunting, a short weapon is essential for proper and safe working. All4shooters offers information on the choice of the weapon and the caliber, we are happy to advise you personally. For the official carriers of the weapons such as pistols we offer suitable alternatives to the service pistol. You can buy a wide selection of spare parts and accessories for pistols both online and at our branch We offer a wide range of well-known manufacturers of pistols such as Kahr Arms , Kimber , Magnum Research , Ruger and Smith & Wesson . Order your pistol online or by phone from the comfort of your own home or visit us personally in person to be convinced of our range. Any questions? We look forward to your call!

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