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Long Guns Buy long guns online at Waffen Ferkinghoff - rifles, shotguns and levers / repeaters. Welcome to the long guns section of the online shop of Waffen Ferkinghoff. Here, hunters and... read more »
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Long Guns for hunters and shooters

Long Guns

Buy long guns online at Waffen Ferkinghoff - rifles, shotguns and levers / repeaters. Welcome to the long guns section of the online shop of Waffen Ferkinghoff. Here, hunters and sportsmen can buy high-quality weapons, such as rifles, shotguns, repeaters and levers. You can easily order online. At Waffen Ferkinghoff you will find a wide range of weapons from Taurus, Magnum Research, Kimber, Rossi, Haenel, Pietta, Remington, Ruger, Savage and many other quality brands. There are also special offers for hunting and sports shooting. At Waffen Ferkinghoff you can order long arms for a great price. We hope you enjoy browsing our online shop. Long guns are preferred by hunters and sport shooters. Taurus lever-action rifles are high quality and appreciated by western action shooters and sport shooters and can be found in the online shop. For hunters the long guns category offers a variety of weapons for hunting in different calibres. Sport shooters will find a great selection of high quality and very precise long guns made by Kimber and Magnum Research. The shop also contains original replicas of famous western weapons as well as the latest guns for tournaments. In the long guns section, you will find affordable weapons as well as premium weapons for the advanced and professionals. What is a long gun? They are firearms whose barrel and breechblock are longer than 30cm in total in closed position and whose shortest overall length for intended usage exceeds 60cm; everything else are small arms). However, the long gun is not a technical term, since machine guns can also be considered long guns, but legally they are classified as war weapons. Because of the longer barrel, long guns usually have a higher precision than small arms and are therefore used for longer distances by hunters, sports shooters and security personnel. Long guns can be purchased in the online shop of Waffen Ferkinghoff in many variants and designs. For one, long guns differ in the nature of the barrel. If the barrel of a weapon is rifled, the bullet is given a spin due to the technique used, which stabilizes it during the flight and thus increases the precision. These weapons are called rifles. If the long gun has a smooth barrel, it is called a shotgun and used with shotgun shells, since they do not have to be stabilized. As mentioned above, shotguns and rifles are available in this category of the online shop. Apart from the difference in the finish of the barrel, long-range weapons also differ in the way they are (re)loaded. Single-loaders are long guns, in which, after each shot, a further cartridge has to be fed into the chamber. Repeaters are long arms where a new cartridge is inserted automatically or manually from a magazine or another source into the chamber after the empty cartridge has been ejected. This includes weapons where the rifleman hast do eject the old bullet manually and reload. There are automatic mechanisms whereby the weapon is automatically returned to the ready to fire state after each shot, without the user having to actuate the mechanism.

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Velocity Triggers Trigger Classic Curved 3lbs AR15

179.95€ *
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Pachmayr Recoil Pad Decelerator Med BK

29.95€ *
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Pachmayr Recoil Pad Decelerator Small BK

29.95€ *
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Pachmayr Recoil Pad Decelerator Small BN

29.95€ *

Triple K Magazine 10-RD Steel Colt AR15

28.70€ *

Timney Trigger Guard 10/22 Silver

312.00€ * 289.00€ *

Pachmayr Recoil Pad D550 Med 1.1" BK

59.95€ *

TacStar Mag Extension 2-RD Steel

73.90€ *
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Timney Trigger Sportsman P17 Enfield 5S

78.95€ *

Timney Trigger CZ452 Magnum

152.95€ *

Timney Trigger CZ550 Magnum

139.95€ *
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Triple K Barrel Guard Shotgun 12&16

59.99€ *
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Triple K Cheek Piece Small Leather

49.95€ *
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