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Buy weapon parts online from Waffen Ferkinghoff.

Zbrojovka Brno AG originated in 1918 from the original Austro-Hungarian artillery workshops as the Czechoslovak State Arms Factory. At first Mannlicher handguns were mounted, later Mauser, then the accumulated experience was used to develop the first own weapons. From this organized and precise working business, arised a operation which quickly made everything from typewriters to aircraft engines. In the forties began to produce hunting and sporting weapons. By making the two waffle rolls in the second half of the time. In the nineties, the parent company was in financial difficulties, in 2004 the company BRNO Rifles (CZ Brno) was founded to save the excellent constructions. The gun production division was sold by Česká zbrojovka Uherský (CZUB) and the trading activity was taken over in October 2009. The name of the new company BRNO Rifles focuses on the historical tradition of the city of Brno (Czech: Brno) in weapons production. The takeover brought CZ Brünner and the successful arms production has not yet been completed and continued. For these excellent weapons, we offer you a variety of weapon parts, from handles to prints to new sights. The most well-known weapon is the CZ 75, a semi-automatic self-loading pistol in caliber 9x19mm. It was carried out in 1975 by Brünner as a pistol for military and police. The weapon design and construction was developed during the trials to create a modern exporting pistol. The result is the CZ 75, an all-steel weapon with a double action trigger and a 15 or 16 round magazine. The puller system has developed a new system that has single-action and double-action techniques and has a linear trigger weight. The security system of the CZ 75 blocks the trigger and a fall arrester to prevent indefinite shooting. The outstanding work of the Brünn CZ 75 quickly became apparent half a century after its development due to its inexperienced great popularity. The permanently high Quality and stable construction lead to reliability under all weather and environmental conditions that the CZ 75 is famous for. It is usable with almost all 9x19mm ammunition varieties. The CZ 75 is now available in a wide variety of precision handguns through to special military and police applications. The beautiful construction of the CZ 75 lead to it being copied on almost all continents and being produced under license, in the stereotypical Swiss precision fanatics, the CZ has prevailed. For these excellent weapons, we offer you a variety of weapon parts. Like handles to prints to new sighting.

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