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Handles for pistols in the online shop for hunters and marksmen

We offer a wide range of grips for revolvers from well-known manufacturers such as Hogue , Pachmayr and Magnum Research . Since the handle on a revolver represents the only and immediate connection to the shooter, it is indispensable to use a handle that meets the needs of the shooter. Rubberized handles are preferred because of the excellent grip, but also the classic wooden handle is very comfortable in the hand. For harder use we offer plastic and aluminum handles. In addition, these often have a rough ribbing to allow a secure grip even under adverse circumstances. Anatomically shapedhandles allow the fingers to slide into the right position as if they were sleeping, enabling fatigue-free shooting. Noble handles made of natural materials such as punched wood or deer hornwill delight the fans of classic weapons. What we would have arrived at the optics: In handguns such as revolvers and pistols, the grip is a, if not the decisive influence on the appearance of the weapon. Here are the design wishes no limits. The handles are among the few components of a weapon that are not subject to any restrictions. Thus, the shooter can exchange them themselves and adapt to the purpose and his preferences. Not a few shooters and hunters have a number of handles to exchange according to their mood. Even experienced club colleagues and hunting enthusiasts will be fooled and wonder, if you arrive "again" with a new handguns . The handles are also the only component of a revolver, which is clearly visible in the holster. As with the pistol grips , it is important for the shooter's head to know a grip on his weapon, which does its duty reliably and fits comfortably in the hand. Buy weapons Ferkinghoff grips for revolvers online - easily and conveniently from home Grips from well-known manufacturers such as Hogue , Pachmayr and Magnum Research can be found in various designs for a wide range of models on our homepage in the category Grips Revolver.

You are also welcome to visit us personally in order to be convinced by our assortment. Any questions? We look forward to your call!

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