Warranty - We are liable to pay compensation in accordance with the statutory provisions. Any defects must be reported to us without delay (i.e. within three days) following discovery. If the complaint is justified, you have the right to a diminution of price if we are not able or have declared we are not willing to eliminate the fault within a reasonable period of time, or to take back the goods and perform a substitute delivery.

The customer‘s rights in relation to a defect are precluded if the customer was aware of the fault at the time the agreement was concluded. Our liability and our vicarious agents‘ liability for delay, impossibility of performance or the non-fulfilment of / or breach of duty in relation to quasi-contractual arrangements is limited to instances of deliberate acts and gross negligence. No warranty is extended to defects in used goods, unless a defect has been fraudulently concealed or we have guaranteed the characteristics of the goods.

There are no warranty claims, moreover, for defects caused through improper or careless handling, excessive usage or for the failure to observe our operating guidelines. Our warranty obligations expire in the event that the purchaser or a third party interferes with and / or modifies the goods without our written permission or instruction to do so. This applies likewise to any guarantee entitlements. We assume no liability whatsoever in respect of consequential damage caused by the workmanship or errors of our suppliers or by the use of reloaded ammunition or for the sale of goods on consignment.

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