The Handsgun Magazine reviews the Thompson Model 1911TC


You've probably already read Layne Simpson's exclusive report on Kimber's new flyweight Mountain Ascent rifle elsewhere in the issue. Well, we have another brand-new featherweight rifle to report on. It's Magnum Research, Inc's...


Handgun hunters have a fair number of choices these days in single- and double-action revolvers chambered in a wide variety magnum handgun cartridges. But they have only one choice in hunting revolvers chambered for rifle...


Magnum Research stunned everyone wth the new introduction of their remarkably innovative, gas operated Desert eagle handgun and went on to stun the rimfire world with a carbon-wrapped barrel and the meanest looking stock in the...


I owned a Desert Eagle Mark VII pistol chambered in .44 Magnum for a number of years, which I purchased specifically as a dangerous-game defensive pistol for my first fishing trip to Alaska. Although it was a reliable and...


There is a great new product on the scene, made by Trijicon. This is one of the newest Trijicon offerings the 5-20x50mm TR23-2G AccuPoint.
This scope comes with a 30mm tube, which is larger than the standard American 1”...


Outdoor Life's Africa Grand Slam winner realizes a lifelong dream on his first safari.


Stan Trzoniec from "Rifle Magazine" takes a closer look at the Magnum Research MLR-1722.


It's no secret that factory triggers could be better, but most shooters don't know how easy it is to replace them.
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