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Trijicon ACOG 3.5x35 Chevron Red 223

1,899.00€ * 1,829.00€ *

Millett Buck Gold 4-16x56 Duplex

379.00€ * 329.00€ *

Meprolight Mepro Kit X4 Dayscope

1,599.00€ * 1,399.00€ *

Trijicon 1-6x24 Seg.Circle Ch Red 223/55

3,199.00€ * 2,999.00€ *

Trijicon 1-6x24 Horseshoe Dot red 223/55

3,199.00€ * 2,999.00€ *

Trijicon 1-6x24 Seg.Circle red 223/55 QR

3,399.00€ * 3,199.00€ *
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Buy riflescopes in the online shop - weapons & accessories for hunting and shooting sports

You are looking for high-quality optics such as riflescopes and mounts? Perfect, because we at Waffen Ferkinghoff have a large assortment of rifle scopes for you, with which you will have –guaranteed- a lot of fun and success in hunting or in competition shooting. We offer a wide range of different rifle scopes, with fixed or variable magnification. As the sole representative of Trijicon in Europe, we are proud to present a large selection of these high-quality "Made in USA" riflescopes. From the famous ACOG in different magnification stages to the AccuPoint in 5-20x50, we have the right riflescope for every requirement. With Sun Optics USA , we have another supplier of high-quality and robust yet cost-effective optics on offer. Just right, if the scope is should not be more expensive than the corresponding weapon. Modern rifle scopes use the same principle as the telescope described by Johannes Kepler in 1611 already. By crossing the beam path, the image appears upside down and reversed. To correct this effect, additional lenses or prisms are incorporated to create an upright image. On this lens or in the lens system, the reticle is installed, depending on the image plane on which the reticle is different behavior results in magnification. If you look in the first focal plane, it will not zoom in and allow for distance estimation, which is why they are especially popular with hunters. On the other hand, if the sight of the riflescope is in the second image plane, it will continue to be very fine while zooming in, and less obscured by the target. For that reason long range shooters prefer them. In contrast to sighting via notch and bead, the sight and the target are magnified and sharply focused for the eye on a telescopic sight. Most riflescopes require rings for mounting, but some have the clamp integrated. The lenses in a riflescope are designed so that the exit pupil of the eyepiece system, which coincides with the entrance pupil of the eyepiece, is approximately 8 cm behind the last lens. As a result, the eye is not endangered by the recoil of the weapon. Depending on the application, different requirements are placed on a telescopic sight due to shot removal, size, shape, movement speed and contrast of the target. In order to get enough light on the pupil in low light conditions, it is necessary to use a large lens (50 to 56mm). To find out the maximum usable magnification level at which the full light output is achieved, the lens diameter in mm is divided by 7 mm (largest dilation of the pupils). In order to be clearly more precise on the target at night and fast targeting, a reticle is recommended. For use in daylight usually much smaller lens diameter sufficient. High-quality optics have a tempered appearance, while extremely thin antireflective coatings are vapor-deposited on the glass surfaces in many layers. This reflection reduction minimizes the light losses at the transition layer between gas and glass. In addition, all high-quality riflescopes are filled with gas to prevent fogging of the lenses in temperature fluctuations and to be waterproof. As a result, very high light transmission values (light transmission values) are achieved.

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