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Buy triggers for long guns online - Accessories for hunting and shooting

In the online shop, hunters and marksmen can buy high quality triggers from Timney Triggers or Velocity Triggers . Are you looking for triggers that will open the way to the last rings? Waffen Ferkinghoff has a wide range of products for a variety of weapon models and shooting accessories , as well as long guns and handguns . Triggers from Timney Triggers or Velocity Triggers meet the highest quality standards and are tailored to your needs or can be tuned to it. We hope you enjoy browsing our online shop - www.waffen-ferkinghoff.com Why should I exchange my trigger? It works quite well! Most shooters forget that the trigger is the primary point by which the shooter interacts with the weapon. Without a good trigger, the rest might be as good as it gets, but you won`t get good results. But what differentiates a good one from a bad one? Finally, I press on it and then it eventually makes "boom". However, there are several phases of deduction. The phase in which the trigger guard can be pushed without directly breaking the shot. This stretch is relatively long for most types of haul and takes up most of the movement. Then there is a short phase in which the resistance increases slightly. The shooter notices that the shot is about to break. Then the point where the shot breaks, followed by a short stretch that allows the trigger guard to move until it can not be pulled any further. A good trigger has a non-existent to minimally available distance that it can move after the shot has been released to prevent the shooter from warping the weapon. It is also important that there is a clear point after the short period of resistance at which the shot breaks. A consistent trigger behavior is essential because the distance that the trigger guard moves without loosing the shot is time when the shooter must have the weapon constantly aimed at his target. This time might not be relevant for the hobby pistol shooter at 10-25m. However, this is for the precision shooter at 300m time, which could cost him the 10-rring, as a slight delay on 300m sprinkles accordingly. The prints of Timney and Velocity are so precise and of high quality that the shooter always has the same point at which the shot is released and thus can adjust to it. These precision prints do not break and then move on. Thus, there is no way the shot by "overtravell" down to travel. The trigger weight indicates the force that the shooter must overcome on the trigger to trigger the shot. The lower the weight, the better the precision. Therefore, light weights are particularly important in shooting sports and handguns. In rough handling of the weapon, a higher weight is important for safety. Our triggers are available with adjustable weights or factory-set weight. These triggers are also available in different designs with temples to either save weight or improve handling through notches . The most commonly used triggers are swivel-mounted prints, for more precision linear-guided triggers are used. They can be divided into four different variants: The direct trigger, known by shotguns, in which the resistance at the beginning must be overcome. In contrast, only a short distance with increasing weight is overcome in the two-stage-trigger. Set-triggers are biased by a spring and then trigger very easily. Anti-stress prints are designed to prevent unwanted shooting. Timney triggers as well as prints of Velocity Triggers are recommended by both shooters and hunters if you want to get the most out of your weapon.

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