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In the Reload Shop you can buy high-quality accessories for cleaning and reloading your cartridges online or also order it comfortably on account. At Ferkinghoff you get loading presses, matrices, pods, primers, bullets, ammunition boxes and literature. Have fun browsing!

Reloading Accessories for reloading online - reloading for shooting sports. Since prices for all kinds of different calibres can vary greatly and the right ammunition isn’t always available at... read more »
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Accessories for reloading online - reloading for shooting sports. Since prices for all kinds of different calibres can vary greatly and the right ammunition isn’t always available at all times, it can be beneficial to invest into reloading equipment. Under the category Reloading at Waffen Ferkinghoff, you will find everything that a beginner needs for their first steps into reloading. But not only beginners are welcome, advanced and professionals in reloading are as well. If it is worth to reload depends on a few factors. Do I recycle to save money on an expensive or rare type of ammunition? Or do I do it to ensure a consistent performance of my ammunition, that no manufacturer can provide? These are all factoring into the topic of reloading. For some, the penile act of reloading and the comparison of the hand-loaded cartridge with other reloaders is a sport in itself, with a dedicated community with tracking the time and evaluating tables. No matter which reason you start or reload, you will find the right tool and material for it at Waffen Ferkinghoff. Renowned manufacturers stand for quality and reliability. A large selection guarantees that no wish stays unfulfilled. Reloading is not a new technique, it is being practiced as long as metal casings for bullets are being used. During military exercises during the late 19th and early 20th century shells were being collected and send back to the manufacturer for reloading, because the metal casing is the most expensive part and the only one which can be reused. As described above, reloading serves the finer adjustment of the ammunition to the weapon, since mass produced ammunition always has a compromise attached to it to be compatible with a wide range of different guns. Hitting the same bullet hole again is therefore only possible with exactly reloaded cartridges, as long as the baseline accuracy of the gun doesn’t deviate. Of course one should document the steps taken to reload a cartridge if you want to repeat it with the same results. But what exactly are those steps? First, the fired shells have to be cleaned thoroughly. Afterwards, the old primer hast to be pushed out and the shell gets pressed back into its original shape, because it has widened slightly after firing. Following that, the upper part gets widened for insertion of the actual bullet. After inserting the new primer, gun powder can be filled in with the desired amount. Finally the bullet and shell are pressed together firmly to ensure a tight fit. However, make sure that the cartridge does not have any weak points, and if necessary, consult an experienced reloader, as faults can have fatal consequences for the gun and the shooter. Accessories for reloading can be found in the Waffen Ferkinghoff online shop.

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Magtech 100 Bullets .357 SJSP 158grs

19.99€ * 18.99€ *
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Lyman Shellholder Set 12pc Lyman

52.90€ *
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MTM Flip Top Box Green 64-RD

9.95€ *

Lyman Single & Double Mould Handle

43.95€ *

Magtech 100 Bullets .431 LFN 240grs

15.99€ *

Lyman Shellholder No.X-1

9.90€ *

Lyman Neck Expandiing Die 44/445

29.95€ *

Lyman 3-Die Set Carbide 45Auto/ACP

79.95€ *

MTM Flip Top Box Green 50-RD

9.50€ *

MTM Flip Top Case 50-RD

6.95€ *

Lyman 4-Die Set Carbide 357Mag/38Sp

99.99€ *

Lyman Load Data Book Shotgun

7.99€ *

Lyman Load Data Book Classic Rifle

7.99€ *

MTM Dry Box Lockable

27.95€ *

Lyman 3-Die Set Carbide 6,5x55SE

89.95€ *

Lyman 3-Die Set Carbide 308Win

89.95€ *
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Lyman Magnum Inertia Bullett Puller

29.95€ *

Lyman Trimmer Cutter Head Carbide

57.90€ *

Magtech 100 Bullets .358 LRN 158grs

12.20€ *
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