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Buy weapon parts online from Waffen Ferkinghoff.

Smith & Wesson produces mainly handguns, such as revolvers and pistols , but also ammunition . Furthermore they offer a range of police and other security equipment. We are pleased to present Smith & Wesson products as very high quality. The company was founded in 1852 by business partners Horace Smith and Daniel Baird Wesson under the name Smith & Wesson, Norwich, Connecticut. The Winchester Repeating Arms Company, Oliver Winchester, took over and signed the Volcanic Repeating Arms Company. In 1856 left the company to start a new business and start developing a revolver. The goal was to develop a weapon that could burn ready-made cartridges. As a caliber .22 short was chosen. At a meeting with Rollin White, in November 1856, Smith & Wesson took over the license for a fee of 25 cents per weapon. Just a year later, in 1857, the Smith & Wesson # 1 model of the first Smith & Wesson revolvers came onto the market. A war in their own country might seem fatal for the most companies, but it happened to be a stroke of luck for Smith and Wesson. The American Civil War between the northern states and the southern states created a strong demand for revolvers. After the war, the company has also etched in the civilian market with its model No. 3, with the Russian model of this weapon they had a order in the 1870s, of about 130,000 pieces of this weapon to Tsarist Russia. The introduction of the safer Double Action Revolver 1886 paved the way for further growth of the company. Also during the First World War, where there were shortages of handguns, Smith & Wesson grew. After the Wesson family increased their shares the company returned to its core business. The revolvers from Smith & Wesson are offered in very different calibers, including the most powerful mass-produced caliber for handguns in general. This Caliber .500 S & W Magnum was specially developed for Smith & Wesson and allows it to reach more than 3100 joules. In addition to speedloaders and mounting rails, we also offer you revolver grips and sighting devices. If you can not find the spare part you are looking for or if you would like further advice, do not hesitate to call us or send us an e-mail.

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