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In the Waffen Ferkinghoff online store for sports shooter everything that professionals or beginners need for successfully competing in various disciplines, from cleaning sets to weapons and additional holsters and belts. We are sure any shooter will find suitable equipment. For a variety of disciplines we also offer the corresponding ammunition in the sport section of our online shop. In the sport shopping world at Waffen Ferkinghoff shooters can comfortably buy equipment from top brands online. The store offers a broad selection of established equipment to buy.

No matter if you are looking for weapons or ammunition, cleaning sets or restoring products, at Waffen Ferkinghoff you will surely find something which fits your needs. Optics, spare parts from well-known brands or triggers and shafts which allow for a finer adjustment than factory parts are offered too. Everything needed by sport shooters for getting the competitive advantage can be found in the Sport section on the Waffen Ferkinghoff website. Everything offered at cheap prices and payable with credit card, bank wire transfer / Sofortüberweisung or invoice. Waffen Ferkinghoff only carries renowned top brands. Take a look around our various categories and you’ll surely find a few potential bargain deals. Waffen Ferkinghoff wishes all sport shooters much fun in our Sport online shop section. If you have any questions about our assortment or specific products feel free to take advantage of the expert knowledge form our team.

Everything needed for sport shooting from well-known manufacturers imported by Waffen Ferkinghoff. Looking for high quality accessories for competitions? In the Waffen Ferkinghoff online shop you will find all that offered by a professional team. No matter if handguns, long guns, pistols or revolver, everything needed for sport shooting can be found in the related category. There you will find everything, from belts, holsters, cleaning sets, optics, transport bags and much more. Order your shooting equipment comfortably online 24/7.

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Birchwood Casey 48 Targets Bulls-Eye SNC 3"

7.95€ *
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Krüger Druck 25 BDS Targets Precision 50m

7.95€ *
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Krüger Druck 50 BDS Target Rifle Scope 100m

4.90€ *

Krüger Druck Target Patches Beige 19mm

5.10€ *

Bulldog Cases Handle Case 15x6" Black

19.95€ * 17.95€ *
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Krüger Druck Target Patches Black 19mm

5.10€ *
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Krüger Druck Target Patches Brown 35mm

4.60€ *
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Krüger Druck 25 Targets Buffalo 55x53cm

9.90€ *
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Krüger Druck 250 ISSF Target Centre

21.50€ *

Krüger Druck PP1 Target 45x77cm

14.30€ *

Birchwood Casey Blood Trail 12x18"

1.80€ *

Empire Pewter Pin Desert Eagle Silver

7.95€ *

Birchwood Shooting Eyewear Clear Skyte

11.90€ * 9.95€ *
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Krüger Druck 250 BDS Center 25m 26x26cm

20.90€ *

Birchwood Casey 90 Target Spots 2" Orange

4.95€ *

Birchwood Casey Target Spots green 110pc

4.95€ *

Birchwood Casey 12 Sight-In Dirty Bird 12"

11.95€ *
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Birchwood Casey 8 Targets Silhouette 12x18"

12.99€ *

Pro Ears Hearing Protection Stealth Black

59.95€ *

Birchwood Casey 360 Target Spots 1" Orange

4.95€ *
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