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In the Western online shop at Waffen Ferkinghoff western fans will find everything needed to faithfully recreate the classic western setting and disciplines. All kinds of western accessories for western shooters can be found in our shop. Be it lever action rifles, revolvers, leather belts and holsters to cleaning sets and ammunition as well as used guns for an affordable entry into the western shooting scene. Within the western section at Waffen Ferkinghoff you can buy high quality equipment and weapons from top brands easily online.

The online shop offers a broad selection of established brands offering western products: revolver, shotguns, black powder guns, ammunition, dioptre and other aiming solutions, holsters and belts, grips and shafts as well as replacement parts and pouches and bags. For caretaking of your weapons at home, Waffen Ferkinghoff offers lead removers and liquids as packages or single products. For the western enthusiast who likes to reload their own ammunition, Waffen Ferkinghoff offers the suitable products so you can make the perfect cartridge for your western weapon. Everything offered at cheap prices and payable with credit card, bank wire transfer / Sofortüberweisung or invoice. Waffen Ferkinghoff only carries renowned top brands like Taurus, Rossi, Vega, Triple K, Marble Arms, Pietta, Birchwood Casey, Pro-Shot and many more.

Just take a look around our Western section and you will definitely find some suitable western accessories and equipment. Waffen Ferkinghoff wishes all western enthusiasts much fun in our Western online shop section. If you have any questions about our assortment or specific products feel free to take advantage of the expert knowledge form our team. Everything needed for the Western fan from well-known manufacturers imported by Waffen Ferkinghoff. Looking for high quality western accessories for competitions? In the Waffen Ferkinghoff online shop you will find all that offered by a professional team. No matter if lever action rifles, shotguns or revolver, everything can be found in the related category. Order your western equipment comfortably online 24/7.

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Magtech LFN 240grs 50 Rounds

25.99€ *
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Marble Arms Tang Sight Set Rossi 65+92

169.95€ *
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Pietta Trigger&Bolt Spring No.26 Navy

13.70€ *

Bulldog Cases Handle Case 15x6" Black

19.95€ * 17.95€ *

Marble Arms Elevator Single .080" Rifle

10.50€ *

VFG Protection Felt Gray 45x30cm

7.50€ *
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Pachmayr Grip Rosewood Double 1911

47.90€ *
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Pietta Bolt No.22

21.99€ *
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Pietta Trigger&Bolt Spring No.26 Army

13.70€ *
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Lyman Hammer Set Brass

26.70€ *
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Wolff Gunsprings Spring Kit Tune-up Marlin LAR

18.30€ *
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Pietta Hand & Spring No.17 Navy

19.99€ *
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Lyman Gunsmith Tool Kit Master 68pc

67.90€ *
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Marble Arms Peep Sight Set Uberti 1873

169.95€ *

Lyman Cleaning Rope 38-9mm QD

16.75€ * 14.95€ *
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Pro-Shot Copper Solvent IV 8floz

11.49€ *
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Marble Arms Schraube Notch Piece

6.20€ *
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