How To Shoot The Desert Eagle

A Guide by Magnum Research’s European Distributor – Waffen Ferkinghoff

EU Firearms Directive in the INCOM Committee of the European Parliament

On 23 February 2016, the domestic market and consumer protection committee of the European Parliament once again dealt with the EU Firearms Directive.

German Angst – The German predicament

If there are fierce and, at times, irrational reactions to events in Germany, our European neighbours or partners on the other side of the Atlantic like to call it 'German Angst'. This is at times a bit unfair because there are...

German party "Freie Wähler" against stricter weapon legislations

Party member Aiwanger: "The german gun laws are already very strict"

The Left Party - Statement regarding planned tightening of weapon legislation

"For me, any weapon in private ownership is one too many." - Thomas Haendel from the Left Party

Tighter weapons legislations in Europe - what to do?

Legal weapon owners are not the cause of the cruel massacre in Paris. However, some EU members are taking advantage of this event to, once again, push for atightening of the current weapons legislation. We are all called upon...

Steel Challenge discipline

A brief introduction to the relatively new shooting discipline "Steel Challenge"

Ferkinghoff on Tour

Many competitions of various associations such as BDS, BDMP, DSB or DSU are on the doorstep. The team Ferkinghoff will be present at many of the dates with an exhibition in Philippsburg.

"Fake Rabbit" recipe for Easter

"Fake Rabbit" during the closed season

Thompson Model 1911TC

The Handsgun Magazine reviews the Thompson Model 1911TC

Quick shot: MRI MLR22AT .22LR

You've probably already read Layne Simpson's exclusive report on Kimber's new flyweight Mountain Ascent rifle elsewhere in the issue. Well, we have another brand-new featherweight rifle to report on. It's Magnum Research, Inc's...

Rifle-power and precision + handgun portability

Handgun hunters have a fair number of choices these days in single- and double-action revolvers chambered in a wide variety magnum handgun cartridges. But they have only one choice in hunting revolvers chambered for rifle...
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